• Any business leader can use a Tackling Tough Topics art-integrated experience to improve the quality of their conversations around a difficult topic.  
  • Smaller groups (under 15) within a business are ideal to foster the most meaningful dialogue.
  • Larger groups (over 15) will be divided into multiple workshops or multiple discussion groups.
  • Virtual format vs in-person delivery may alter the size of groups, number of workshops needed, and discussion framework.
  • No previous arts experience is necessary. 
  • Art supplies rarely need to be purchased.


  • CATC meets with the business leader to plan out the arts-integrated learning experience focused on a selected topic. 
  • Dates and times are set to move through the following workshop process:
    • Session 1 - Tough Topic Analysis with Business Leader (~1 hour)
    • Session 2 - Art Skill Instruction and Exploration (~1 hour)
    • Session 3 - Showcase with Discussion (~1 hour)
    • Session 4 - Debriefing with Business Leader (~1 hour)
    • Note: Participants will complete and submit their art work after Session 2.
  • ​Virtual and in-person delivery available. 



  • Workshops are scheduled at dates and times that work for all parties.
  • Morning, afternoon, and evening times are available. 
  • Each  session is typically about 1 hour long.


  • Virtual Delivery
    • Tackling Tough Topics arts-integrated experience: $1000/group of 15
    • Additional groups within a business: $800/group (20% discount) 
    • Discussion and debriefing sessions can be added to this package as needed.
  • ​In-Person Delivery
    • ​​Tackling Tough Topics arts-integrated experience: $1000/group
    • Additional groups within a business: $800/group (20% discount) 
    • Large in-person groups may be divided into smaller groups for the Showcase with Discussion session.
    • Discussion and debriefing sessions can be added to this package as needed.

Please contact CATC to design and schedule a learning experience that meets your business needs.

Using an arts-integrated approach can reduce barriers and highlight voices typically left out of important conversations. This non-threatening approach engages and empowers all participants to deepen understanding and perspective of self and others. 

CATC is here to help your employees explore difficult topics such as changing company culture, diversity, equity, inclusion, wellness, burnout, and others that people tend to avoid.

Tackling Tough Topics for Businesses

 An Arts-Integrated Approach

Does your business need an arts-integrated experience?
If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then your business could benefit from
an arts-integrated experience.
• Do we need to see and hear perspectives that may be uncomfortable?
• Do we need to change our practices and policies to advocate for others?
• Do we get frustrated with meetings that seem to avoid the real problem?
• Do we get stuck rehashing the same problem instead of developing solutions?

Workshop Details

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