Teaching Your Clients Design is ideal for consultants, change leaders, and advisers who need their customers to build understanding to avoid swimming upstream. We will work together to map out a learning journey that a client should take to get from A to B to C. We will identify objectives for each stage and create experiences and tools to guide their journey. You can select multiple levels of teaching support to best meet your needs, including ongoing reflection mentorship.                                                                                   

Professional Educators

Your teams and students have been through so much. Let's carve out some time to encourage creative thinking, energize professional spirit, and enhance lessons. Let's lift some of the burden. Let's support the spark of an idea. Let's make it a reality. 

Let's get designing today. ​​

Teaching Your Clients Design

Want to share your expertise by teaching others? 

Professional Course Design

Professional Course Design is ideal for skilled individuals who wish to offer programs, workshops, and online courses in an area of expertise.  We will work together to create specific high-quality experiences that build understanding for your audience. You can select multiple levels of teaching support to best meet your needs, including material design, assessment tools, and implementation revisions. Each project includes ongoing design mentorship for up to one year after launch.

Want to improve meetings and employee preparation? 

Want to reduce confusion and help your clients ​get it

Arts Integrated Project Design

Select the Design Service that works best for you

Business and Staff Training Design is ideal for any team leader, manager, executive, and HR Department needing to teach their employees about changes in the business. We will work together to identify your training objectives and create meaningful learning sessions. You can select multiple levels of teaching support that best meet your needs, including material design, assessment tools, and implementation coaching and mentoring.                                                                               

Arts Integrated Project Design is ideal for any classroom PreK-12 teacher, higher ed professor, or non-profit organization wishing to improve their learning experiences. We will work together to identify your project's objectives and create lessons that connect an art form to the content. You will be mentored and coached from start to showcasing the art products, including ongoing reflection support with each project.                                                                                 

Want to revitalize a classroom project or lesson plan? 

Business and Staff Training Design



Experiences That Make A Difference

Other Professionals

You are an expert in your area. It comes easy and quickly for you. But when you try to help others understand, you run into a wall. With some new knowledge in the area of teaching and learning, you can design experiences that really work. They will get it. They won't just go through the motions. They will be more efficient with a deeper understanding.

Let's get designing today. ​​