Developing Minds to Think Creatively Workshop is ideal for any leader, educator, and caregiver wishing to support others through creative thinking habits. Each program topic is a standalone 1.5-hour long exploration that includes tools for participants to test in real world situations. It can also be delivered in a 12-part series to build deeper understanding over time. Reflection and discussion are crucial elements that are facilitated throughout the program.                                                                            

Tackling Tough Topics - Art Experience with Discussion 

Intro to Arts Integrated Curriculum Design Workshop

Want to revitalize your teachers' creativity?

Want to get to the heart of a problem with your team or group? 

​Other Professionals

It's hard to look at an audience and get blank stares. You've told them the info they need. You thought they were headed in the right direction. But you notice they seem to stall out.

Maybe no one seems to really share what the real problem is. And you don't know what to do next. 

Or, maybe you see a need for knowledge in your area of expertise but aren't sure how to share it.  

Give yourself the time and support to learn a new set of teaching and learning skills. ​​

Select the Professional Development that works best for you

Want to improve your interactions with those you care about most? 

Taking a Teaching Approach in Business Workshop Series is ideal for any professional wishing to create improved teaching and learning experiences for their staff and clients. The series consists of three 1.5-hour sessions. Post-workshop participants receive a free 1:1 mentoring session to work on an area of your choosing. Participants will be able to describe the 3-pillars of a high-quality learning experience, identify learning patterns that deepen understanding, and to create plans for a change in habits.                                                                                  

Taking a Teaching Approach in Business Workshop

Want to stop repeating the same directions over and over again? 

Stop Telling.​

Start Exploring. Start Integrating.

Start Creating.

Intro to Arts Integrated Curriculum Design Workshop is ideal for any educator wishing to revitalize their projects, classroom lessons, and professional satisfaction. In just 90-minutes, teachers will explore the definition of arts-integration, why it works, and how to use a framework to create their unit. After this intro workshop, teams or individuals can sign up for a 15-minute coaching session for feedback on their new arts-integrated idea.                                                                                

Developing Minds to Think Creatively ​Workshops

Tackling Tough Topics is ideal for any business or community leader, non-profit organization, counselor, or caregiver wishing to improve the conversations they lead on topics people would rather avoid. Topics such as mental wellness, grief, racism, DEI, and fear of change are perfect fits to take an arts-integrated approach. The experience involves one teaching session to explore basic art skills, planning and creating sessions, and a showcase discussion session for each group. Facilitation is provided for each step, including debriefing sessions with the leaders.                                                                                  

Professional Educators

It's hard to find the time to work on improving projects or lessons. It's also hard to show support for those teachers who are performing during such difficult times.

Let's carve out professional development time for teachers to use an arts integrated approach.

Give them the opportunity to build their innovative spirit. To test out fresh ideas. To professionally inspire and energize.​​