• Arts Integrated Curriculum Design Workshops

  • Classroom and content specific curriculum design with model teaching

  • Curriculum mentorship before, during, and after implementation

  • Assessment design services​

  • Using an arts-integrated approach to address diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Parent/caregiver's workshop series on the importance of creative thinking. 

"No limits, no directions -  just pure intrinsic desire to design..."                                               

"Pretty heavy stuff but her writing and painting seemed to help her process it."       

Middle School

​​Higher Ed

Heather helped me see a new way to teach challenging topics in medicine. She really coached us through the development of our session on burnout using photography. Our medical interns engaged with both the medical content and the photography content at a level I couldn't have achieved without the integration of art into this session. The discussion was multilayered and rich and the feedback from our learners proved that we reached them in a meaningful way. 

                                        --Medical Burnout with Photography 

                                           Dr. Diemer, Professor of Medicine, FACP

Virtual Tech Units

Line Drawings Units

Photography Units

Tackling Tough Topics  

An Arts Integrated Approach


Mechanical Units

Public Works/Mural Units

Mixed Medium Units

Developing Minds to Think Creatively

A Parent/Caregiver's Workshop Series

Elementary School

Portrait Units

"My students showed increased confidence, understanding, excitement, and pride during this process!"                                                 

Textile Units


Schools carry an ever growing list of tasks and services beyond just educating students in the main subject areas. In addition to teaching, they serve as caregivers, mentors, cheerleaders and advocates. It can be an overwhelming job. 

The good news is CATC is here help! We guide school communities to design high-quality learning experiences for their specific classrooms and at home. Teachers and parents learn to integrate subjects, include creative expression, and improve student performance. 

I spoke with one student about her experiences with her family. She shared about her parents’ divorce and her grandmother passing away. Pretty heavy stuff but her writing and painting seemed to help her process it. Brought me to tears.

              --Memoirs with Figurative Portraits Showcase Visitor

                 Mrs. Duffield, 6th Grade Language Art/History

Dance Units

Water Color Units

Arts Integrated Curriculum Design Genres:

Using cardboard, tape and markers, our kiddo became a hockey goalie, suited up and ready to play! It shows the child's ability to use and work with the materials as he/she wishes - no limits, no directions - just pure intrinsic desire to design.

                             --Meaningful Exploration  of Materials

                                 Ms. Katie, Preschool Teacher

While working with Heather I have discovered the importance of the trial and error learning process. The arts integration design supports this rigorous thinking by celebrating the mistakes and working to  revise their stories and art. My students showed increased confidence, understanding, excitement, and pride during the process!   

             --Non-Fiction Writing with Realistic Sculptures 

​                 Ms. Rachel, Kindergarten 

3 Dimensional Units

High School

Fiction & Documentary Film Units

Arts Integration, as defined by The Kennedy Center, is an approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both.

Scale Model Units

Early Childhood

Dramatic Units

 Musical Units

"The discussion was multilayered and rich...we reached them [the students]  in meaningful way."     

Heather helped me adapt my project to virtual learning....The work that students produced was powerful. The captions they wrote gave me a glimpse into their emotions and the new normal of their daily lives.

                   --Parent Functions with Line Drawings                        Mrs. Murphy, Math Department Chair

"The work the students produced was powerful..."                           

Arts Integrated Curriculum Design

A Professional Development Series