Large groups of faculty or staff can participate in the Arts Integrated Curriculum Design Workshop Series as a whole group.


This is a long-term virtual professional development opportunity that includes 10 whole group sessions, model teaching opportunities, and Team curriculum mentorship. 

  • Session 1 - Foundation to Arts Integrated Curriculum Design with 1.5 hours of mentoring
  • Session 2 - Teacher and Student Material Development
  • Session 3 - Art Skill Analysis
  • Session 4 - Unit Implementation Strategies
  • Session 5 - Assessment Development,
  • Session 6 - Accommodation and Modification Strategies for Special Populations
  • Session 7 - Process Documentation
  • Session 8 - Product and Process Analysis using a Continuum of Learning
  • Session 9 - Feedback Models
  • Session 10 - Showcase Planning and Implementation
  • Summer Session - Long Term Curriculum Planning

Schools/districts may customize their pace to include:

  • Mini-workshops during staff meetings
  • 90-minute sessions on early-release days
  • Half-day sessions
  • Full-day sessions


Whole Staff Intro Rate: $500 for Session 1 - Foundation to Arts Integrated Curriculum Design only.  

​Whole Staff 10-Part Series - NOTE: Investment for the entire 10-part series is dependent upon number of participants, scope of curriculum goals/needs, delivery timeframe, and new or returning teacher clients.

Professional Development

Option 1:

Individual Teacher and

Teams of Teachers/Departments

Do your teachers and students need

                               Arts Integrated Curriculum Design?
If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then your teachers and students could benefit from this professional development:

  • Are you frustrated that projects take too much time and turn into fluff?  ​
  • Do you and your students get to the end of a unit and feel a lack of energy or enthusiasm about the content?
  • Do you witness student apathy, poor workmanship, lack of risk taking, or cutting corners in your students' work?
  • Do your students lack opportunities to express and explore their creative ideas? 
  • Are you students constantly looking to you for the "right" or "wrong" answer instead of taking a growth mindset to take risks and problem-solve?
  • Is your staff drained by all of the mandated To Do's that suck the life out of the teaching process?
  • Is your staff ready to take on a challenge to improve school culture and student achievement?

Please contact CATC to design a learning experience that meets your needs.

"While working with Heather I have discovered the importance of the trial and error learning process. The arts integration design supports this rigorous thinking by celebrating the mistakes and working to revise their story and art."

​"Heather has also shown how capable she is of planning and leading teachers and parents in learning new strategies in the instructional leadership field." 

​"Heather helped me adapt my project to virtual learning....The work that students produced was powerful."

"I hadn't thought about questioning my own practices as much until today's workshop!"

"I didn't know we could have students get this in-depth."

"Just like my students, I learned so much from an arts-integration approach."

Arts Integrated Curriculum Design

A PD series to improve teaching and learning experiences 

Contact CATC to get started improving your teaching today!

Teachers want to design meaningful projects for their students to build deep understanding of the content. These projects need to be efficient, rigorous, and tailored to move their students along the continuum of learning. This is a challenging goal. 

The good news is CATC is here to help! Together, we walk through the process of aligning content standards with easily teachable art skills. We design materials and implement the unit from start to showcase. 

The result is increased motivation, satisfaction, and achievement for your staff and students!


Teachers who have completed at least 2 individual or team units with CATC are eligible to enroll in this curriculum mentoring program.


CATC is on retainer to mentor this teacher virtually as needed throughout a school year.  Within 24-48 hours, CATC will address curriculum questions, concerns, ideas, and provide individualized professional feedback.​

Services are provided within one school calendar year.


Advanced Mentoring: $500 per teacher per school year.

Don't see what you're looking for?

Professional Development  Option 3:

Advanced Mentoring

Individual teachers or Teams of Teachers/Departments (up to 5 members) work with CATC  to design and implement one arts-integrated unit from start to finish in the subject area of their choosing. 

Teachers receive virtual differentiated curriculum mentoring to explore the following:

  • Unit design
  • Material development 
  • Art skill analysis
  • Implementation guidance/model teaching
  • Assessment development
  • Accommodation and modification strategies
  • Process documentation
  • Product and process analysis along a continuum of learning
  • Feedback models
  • Showcase planning and implementation

All curriculum mentoring meetings are scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Priority is given on a first come first serve basis. Summer opportunities are also available.  

Individual Teacher: $2000 per teacher per unit. 

Teams of Teachers/Departments: $5000 per team/department per unit A DISCOUNTED RATE! 

See what your colleagues are saying about this series!

Professional Development  Option 2:

Whole Staff 10-Part Series or Select a Topic Session