Heather vonOesen Dean    

  • National Board Professional Teacher
  • Master's in Education (DePaul Univ.)
  • B.A. in Studio Art/Art History (Denison Univ.)
  • ESOL and Gifted Endorsements
  • Over 25 years instructional design experience

"I highly recommend working with Heather to take your client process and business training to the next level."                                               --C. Phelps, Founder Bizzy Bizzy

There is an ever-growing list of demands placed on business and community leaders, employers, school districts, teachers and caregivers. People are asked to squeeze more out of every moment in their workday and home life. And not all of us are thriving, wanting to invest more, or enjoying the journey.

I share my instructional knowledge and design process to help others meet these demands in many different industries and fields.

My frameworks support individuals and systems where results and progress must be shown. The design allows for deep understanding of new information or skills. It efficiently assesses achievement and allows for reteaching.

Most importantly, it energizes both the leader and the audience in any setting. As they increase the quality of their interactions, the lightbulbs start to ignite. They witness the impact, and it revitalizes and rejuvenates. 

Let's connect today to start enhancing your experiences. 

On a mission to enhance instructional  experiences for businesses, communities, classrooms,

& families.

Heather uses her instructional knowledge combined with her high-quality design, development, and delivery frameworks to create more meaningful experiences to impact others. With a focus on alignment, clarity, creativity, and performance, she guides experts from a wide range of fields to enhance their interactions with their clients, their communities, or their classrooms. 

"Heather brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom, wherever that classroom may be."                                        --L. Roberts, Principal