Discover how using specific teaching approaches enhance the creative and critical thinking of your students, clients, audiences, members, and teams.


Tired of typical, boring business meetings and getting little buy-in from attendees? Eye rolls and negative attitudes are toxic when authentic change needs to happen.  CATC works with business leaders, consultants, and HR departments to improve trainings and learning experiences for their employees and clients.


Struggling to tackle complex social, emotional, economic, educational and logistical issues within a community? It's difficult for organizations to engage citizens across generations and neighborhoods. CATC works with community organizations, government departments, and parent groups to improve communication, address needs, and enhance lives.

Redesign the         

learning experience 

"Heather brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom, wherever that classroom may be."

                 --L. Roberts, Principal


​Frustrated with scripted, mandated curriculum that does not meet the needs of your students?  Struggling to design high-quality creative experiences that meet state or professional standards?  CATC works with  educators to improve curriculum design and delivery in early childhood, elementary, middle, high schools, colleges, universities, and graduate  programs.