Heather vonOesen Dean, M.Ed.
National Board Professional Teacher

Educational Consultant

I am an educational consultant that mentors all types of teachers to improve their curriculum design, delivery, and desired outcomes for their students or clients. I focus on an arts-integrated approach to teaching that supports the creative thinking process, deep understanding of complex topics, and assessment along a continuum of learning.

My clients experience a series of curriculum workshops, from arts-integration foundational understanding to assessment opportunities, each differentiated to meet the specific needs of the educator. They also have access to remote and in-person individual mentoring, curriculum and material design, model teaching and implementation support.

I follow the graduate release model for professional development, where teachers who have already created Arts Integrated Curriculum Design Units with my step-by-step support, are moved to Advanced Mentoring. This status grants them access to continued remote support in order to improve their craft. 

I am looking for individual or teams of teachers ranging from pre-school to higher education, principals, and district, department, program, business, or organizational leaders who wish to systematically think about their curriculum and instruction and how to improve it.