"​I enjoyed the [arts integrated] session because not only did it tap into a very different skill-set than our day-to-day work, but it also highlighted how creative my fellow residents are. It felt cathartic to take out some of the frustration and exhaustion in such a different way, as well as seeing burnout through everyone else's eyes." 

​                                                                                               -- Dr. H. Ellingsen, Internal Medicine Resident

"Heather showed me how to infuse arts integration into curriculum I was already planning. Her flexibility, partnership, passion, and enthusiasm is contagious! Before I met with Heather, I was highly critical of my own art skills and was very unsure how it would work to have me teach my students concepts I thought were only for licensed art teachers.  Heather showed me that I could teach concepts to my students I didn't think were possible. She helped me believe in myself and in turn, I turned my self-criticism into self-reflection and betterment.  Just like my students, I learned so much from an arts-integration approach."

​                                                                                             -- Mrs. B. Loheide,  National Board Certified Teacher

"Heather helped me see a new way to teach challenging topics in medicine. She really coached us through the development of our session on burnout using photography. Our medical interns engaged with both the medical content and the photography content at a level I couldn’t have achieved without the integration of art into this session. The discussion was multilayered and rich and the feedback from our learners proved that we reached them in a meaningful way." 

                                                                                            – Dr. G. Diemer, Associate Professor of Medicine, FACP

​"I realize problem solving is a skill they [my kids] need to develop and this is more likely if I stay present but take more of a supporting role. Be less in 'fix it' mindset."

​                                                                                              -- Anonymous, Parent Workshop Participant

"​Being able to take a break from the stresses of medicine and work and then be able to learn a new art was wonderful. I still find myself using some of the tips and techniques in photos I take every day. It was very easy to learn and brought a fun way to express myself and my own feelings."

                                                                                             -- Dr. C. White, Internal Medicine Resident

"I hadn't thought about questioning my own practices as much until today['s workshop]."  

                                                                                               -- Kenzie, University of Wisconsin - School of Education

"Having gone through the Arts Integrated Curriculum Design process with Heather and witnessing the impact this work had on our twenty-five middle school students, I now have a more intentional desire to incorporate arts integration into our existing curriculum. I witnessed the impact for many, but specifically one student with Asperger’s who can find it difficult to relate to others in class and articulating his thoughts verbally.  I was pleased to see him engaged in the assignment, but was not sure how successful he would be in the entire process.  When it came time for the Faith and Photography Showcase, I was BLOWN AWAY as he discussed the meaning in his photograph, the artistic decisions and process, and answered questions from multiple gallery visitors with ease. The Faith and Photography Showcase also allowed for high quality faith conversations between young and old generations in our Congregation which enriched our community as a whole."
                                                                                                  -- Mrs. Brenda, Director of Youth and Family Ministry

"Using cardboard, tape and markers, our kiddo became a hockey goalie, suited up and ready to play! It shows the child’s ability to use and work with the materials as he/she wishes – no limits, no directions – just pure intrinsic desire to design."

                                                                                                -- Ms. Katie, Preschool Teacher

"I didn’t know we could have students get this in-depth."

                                                                                               -- Alice, University of Wisconsin - School of Education

"I learned how important it is to let my kids create, think, and be in 'Flow' and also how this relates to our family/individual happiness. Food for thought, Thanks!"

                                                                                                -- Anonymous, Parent Workshop Participant

"Mrs. Dean has also shown how capable she is of planning and leading teachers and parents in learning new strategies in the instructional leadership field. She has developed and used innovative instructional materials and new approaches to the teaching of science. She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom wherever that classroom may be."

                                                                                               -- L. Roberts, Principal

"Thank you Ms. Dean for working with my students on critical thinking skills. I know it [integrated arts curriculum] helped them be successful on FCAT and in the classroom. The 'Do Something' project got them so excited and made them so proud to help out in the community. You are a vital part of our school family."

​                                                                                               -- Ms. D. Williams, 3rd Grade Teacher

Reflections from Educators, Leaders, Parents and Students:

"After listening to Heather's workshop on creative thinking, I decided to let my five year old son explore and possibly even fail on a sewing project! He wanted to try different fabrics, and I just wanted to select burlap because it would be easiest. Then I stopped; I allowed him to explore, to struggle, to evaluate for himself which fabric would work best. He was engaged in a higher level of thinking! He showed great satisfaction with HIS end product!"                                                                        -- Kathryn, Parent Workshop Participant