It's difficult to bring a wide variety of people together in a community to accomplish a goal. It's also hard to communicate perspectives on societal problems, unforeseen/unintended impact, or complex reforms that could improve the lives of others.

​CATC works with community organizations to improve the programming offered to their members or citizens. From PTO's to faith organizations to non-profits, we help design learning experiences that engage all voices in a meaningful way.

Impacting classrooms, trainings, communities, and families across the country including...

Arts Integrated Curriculum Design

There is an ever-growing list of demands placed on business leaders, employers, school districts, teachers and caregivers. People are asked to squeeze more out of every moment in their work day and home life. The CATC process was developed to fit within these demands without overwhelming individuals or systems. 

The  creative thinking process allows all to thrive when given the opportunity to explore, integrate, analyze, and create in a meaningful way. Participating in this design and implementation  process also increases professional motivation and satisfaction for both teacher and learner. 

I am passionate about meeting your curriculum needs and I look forward to working with you soon! 

Every learning experience needs to...

  • National Board Professional Teacher (MC Gen - 2025)
  • Master's in Education (DePaul University)
  • B.A. in Studio Art/Art History (Denison University)
  • ESOL and Gifted Endorsements
  • Over 20 years teaching experience

Community Engagement Projects

Employees frequently attend meetings and trainings and leave with a list of To Do's.  These don't always improve work performance or help reach the company's goals. 

CATC works with business leaders to focus on getting employees to invest in and respond to new initiatives. From tiny staff meetings to large company programs, we help design learning experiences that move individuals and teams towards authentic understanding.

Human Resources & Business Trainings

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  • Support authentic creative thinking and problem solving

  • Provide optimal conditions for learning

  • Deepen understanding of content

  • Increase flexibility in handling ambiguity,  mistakes, and failures

  • Improve communication skills within and outside the learning community

  • Increase value attributed to the process rather than just a final outcome

Teachers often assign creative projects for students to complete. It is not enough to ask students to color a picture or write a song. The art process is reduced to fluff. And, the students' content understanding is not improved.

CATC works with educators to use the ​Arts Integrated Curriculum Design  approach to teaching and learning. From pre-school through higher ed professors, we help design integrated curriculum that meets the highest standards in their field.